Back in Romania in 1998, I started to co-operate with the TV channels, I started hosting shows again, I went on stage in order to model, as a guest, for Catalin Botezatu or Eli Laslean. Besides all that, I started writing about makeup and body maintenance. First I co-operated with Evenimentul Zilei and then with the Unica magazine, where I wrote for almost two years – an experience which was very useful to me and which I wish I could repeat…

I have never been employed by any TV chain. I have only co-operated with them. Thus, I hosted Aristide Buhoiu’s “The Tudor Vornicu Studio” show at Tele 7abc. I often brought personal useful things from home to the show. The team was made of good people, but the lack of money prevailed eventually…

 While I was a student, I started to like playing in student movies and I was glad to accept a part in such a film. “The Living Score”, directed by Carmen Ciurea, a small but equally ambitious girl for whom I keep my fingers crossed and to whom I wish that she accomplishes what she has in mind!

Further to an audition I accepted the challenge of hosting “The Geman Show” which, I must admit, I had never watched at that time. I brought a completely new presentation style, which people liked, despite some people who did everything possible to demonstrate the opposite.

The “AutoMondial TV” show produced for OTV was another challenge. I like cars and I like driving very much. As usual, I tried to do something new and different, I had a lot of fun with our small team during the shooting sessions. By the way, do you know the difference between a man and a woman when it comes to driving? The man drives and the woman keeps it safe! … Yeees, yeees, I know, it’s an old one and you have probably heard it before, but I thought it was cute and it still makes me laugh!

With Armand Calota and Elvira Deatcu at the Mamaia music festival. I would like to say that it was a pleasant experience, but this would be a lie! I am not sorry I did it and I don’t want to appear ungrateful but I was disappointed to see that after so many editions there was this lack of organization, to say nothing about the lack of respect for the artists!… And guess who had to suffer for all that?!?

  Together with Andrada Maran I (successfully!!) represented Romania at the Cultural Olympics in Thessaloniki, where I recited some of Mihai Eminescu’s poems in a superb English translation. I thank Mr. Silviu Ionescu, counselor at the Romanian Embassy, for the fact that he facilitated our participation in the Olympics.
 At the Olympics I did not only win a bet with myself regarding reciting, but I also gained a friend: Andrada Maran, a lawyer with a real talent for writing, the poetry of whom I had the pleasure to recite on the occasion of the launching of her second volume: “The Fifth Season”.

Another launching I participated in was that of Adrian Paunescu’s “Free to Suffer” poetry volume. I am grateful for the chance to recite his poems on that occasion, and later on during his TV show. I say this because I like reciting very much and I was glad that he trusted me. After that there followed the filming for the “POESIS” show on TVR 1, a show which should be taken more seriously from several points of view.

I hosted, again together with Armand Calota, the “Dragobetele” live show on TVR 2, without a pre-written script, which I learned as the show went on.

  With Andy Garcia and Denis Stefan on the “Modigliani” set.
Actor Theodor Danetti, who played Renoir, resembled the real character the most, and he played excellently. At the end of his monologue the entire team applauded.

  The latest film I participated in was the graduation film of Dan Patzelt a student at the image section of the …, directed by Liviu Efrimov. I filmed for three nights and even though I was dead tired I felt good and had fun with a nice and balanced team! Monica Alexandra Petrică, Marius Capotă, Marius Săvescu, Mihai Baranga and Gabriel Avram also played in the movie.

Finally, in order for you to understand why I attached so many photos, here is the photo where you can see that this is a serious hobby! And only a part of the photos gathered as years went by were posted on that wall. My costume speaks of another passion of mine, fancy dress balls! I have always liked them and I will never refuse to participate in an escapade from the day-to-day life.

I am glad you came to visit and I hope you enjoyed it. Do come back! Until then I wish you what I wish for myself: good health, love, happiness, harmony and good luck in everything. See you later! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
With love, Bianca

PS: Should you like to ask me something in particular, should you have an opinion, a suggestion or a piece of advice, CONTACT me. There you will learn what’s the procedure for sending messages to me, and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

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