I was born in Bucharest, in the morning of the 27th of January. I am, therefore, an Aquarius, and according to the Chinese zodiac I am … a good sign!

The picture on the right shows me wearing the hairdo that I hate the most but that I had to bravely bear because it was my mother’s favourite! She called it “headphones” and I hated it because it made my ears hot, I couldn’t hear right and, due to the fact that my hair was thick and my neck too thin, after a while the scruff of my neck hurt because of the “headphones’” weight.

I was sent to ballet classes at around 5 or 6. I was enthusiastic in the beginning, but because I was anemic and couldn’t bear the rather tough schedule, I gave up the ballerina career rather shortly.  Actually, I didn’t want to become an actress either. I wanted to be a flight attendant. I collected postcards and while watching them I imagined how nice it would have been if I had been there.

 I don’t think I would recognize any of my kindergarten colleagues if I met them in the street, and that is why I salute all of them that may visit this site and recognize themselves in this picture! And especially Filip, together with whom I formed a very cute couple. As we were the smallest in the group, we were always left behind everybody, we held hands and stumbled one over the other while I would keep calling him “Falip” and he would keep calling me “Beanca”.

 I got along well with almost all my classmates in school. I wish I could see them all again, but until such a meeting would be organized, I am happy with this photo. I accidentally meet some of them once in a while. I affectionately salute the rest of them.

I learned to play guitar in school and in high school I was always on the stage, at the quarter-end shows. I used to listen to Mircea Baniciu’s record on and on (I was very much in love with him!) until I could decipher the chords and learned the lyrics of the songs. After that I played them at high school shows.  I liked folk music and I also sang the songs of Mircea Vintila, Stefan Hrusca and the songs of the Cenaclul Flacara. I have always regretted not having taken piano lessons and not having taken music seriously.

As the high school’s profile was economics, girls were predominant. Until the 11th grade there were only three boys in our class (there was even a fight for one of them at some point between two girls) and after that only one was left. The high school years were the best for me and I will always be pleased to remember my classmates, my teachers and even the high school uniform and the individual number that I hated at that time.

  I owe my brother Marian the access to the fashion world. He was an evening student and worked as a model. I was in the 12th grade when, going to see him in a show, I was noticed by one of the CONFEX designers. She saw me, she liked me and she took me! The first show I participated in was in Sibiu, as a part of one of the largest events in the field, and CAER countries took part.
I was the youngest there with absolutely no experience whatsoever, and this is why I will never forget the well-known Costel, who had taken me under his protective wing and who, later on, took care of my hair for years.

A lot of fashion shows followed, and the first designers for whom I worked were Radu Visan and Irina David.

My mother guided me towards the movie world. Her parents did not let her become an actress and so she wanted to fulfill this dream through me. I was 14 when I first auditioned. I don’t remember what it was all about, but I was noticed and encouraged to follow that path.
  One of the auditions that I remember was for the movie Kira Kiralina and the only thing I remember is that these photos were made somewhere near the Radio House. The audition which ended in my obtaining my first contract with a movie house was that after which, instead of playing in a movie, as I initially understood from the ad in the newspaper (found, of course, by my mother) I ended up posing for a campaign promoting the Romanian sea shore abroad.

 The first movie I played in was “The Fourth Fence Next to the Landing Stage” directed by Cristiana Nicolae. I was in high school when, further to an ad in the newspaper, my mother (who stayed up all night to cut and sew two dresses for me to choose from) took me by the hand and got me to the audition. Even though they liked me I was not cast. Shortly after that I ran into the set secretary who told me to come to the Student Lake Beach to at least see a movie set. Of course I went and this was a good move, because, when she saw me, the director remembered me and cast me in a part that offered freedom to improvise. With my miniscule skin-colour bathing suit, I almost got thrown out of the movie because of “somebody” who watched that there were no indecent cues or scenes. Luckily I also had another bathing suit with me, which did not create such problems and I was allowed to continue shooting. This was my cinema debut. Stefan Banica Jr. played one of the main characters. He had just been admitted at the university and already was a small star. His enthusiasm and the movie set atmosphere conquered me. I made up my mind to give up the Economic Studies Academy and try my luck at the Institute of Drama and Cinematographic Art. So, after the movie was over, I took Stefan’s advice and studied with the actor Petre Gheorghiu. I kept everything secret until just a few months before the entrance examination.

  After the first failure I was determined to give up acting and try tourism, what I wanted to do initially (naively thinking that in this way I could travel around the world). Yet, I auditioned for “A Sun’s Smile” and received a supporting part. It was a musical and because it was not known whether the actors cast would be able to sing, the music was recorded first and it was to be followed by play-back. The lead actress had a bad period. She could not keep away from her personal problems and concentrate on the movie, and especially on the play-back. It seems that, in the meanwhile, director Elisabeta Bostan had noticed me singing and dancing around so that, over night, she decided to offer me the leading part.
 From that moment on I became addicted to the camera and the atmosphere on the filming sets! I had the courage and tried again entering the Academy, after studying with actress Micheta Juvara. There were over two hundred contestants for four places so you can imagine my joy when I saw myself on the last of those four places!

I was still on the set of “A Sun’s Smile” when I received a supporting part in “A Sunday in the Family”, directed by Francisc Munteanu. I played alongside with Ioana Craciunescu and George Mihaita, with whom I had filmed “A Sun’s Smile”.

  In order to be able to stay in Bucharest and have my own money, I followed evening classes (until 1990) and worked as a model for CONFEX-APACA. At that time, there were only 30 models throughout the country. There were no modeling agencies and no training available. I learned to walk on the catwalk, pose and put on makeup by myself. This was not easy because my work was not well tolerated by some teachers and even by some colleagues.

   I participated in the first fashion show organized after the revolution, at the National Theatre. A few years later, while in Germany, I was astonished to discover in somebody’s home, in a newspaper a picture of me from that show, probably made by a German photographer who had been in our country at that time.

Immediately after the revolution, further to the viewers’ requests to have new speakers, I was sent by actor and professor Florin Zamfirescu, together with a few other students, to audition at the National Television. Shortly after that, I was called one evening to replace the speaker on channel 2, who, for some reason, could not come. I was filmed live! It seems that I did very well, because not long after that I was chosen to present live Saturday afternoon with Cristian Topescu, Liviu Tudor Samuila and Corina Voicu.

  After the Saturday show, I was selected to work at different entertainment shows, among which, my favourites were those made by Ovidiu Dumitru, where I sang and danced with Razvan Ionescu and Mitica Popescu. I miss them a lot and I wish that this type of entertainment were considered again because I am convinced it would be successful. Isn’t it so? At least this is what people tell me when they meet me and stop me in the street, asking me why people no longer make such shows.

 Further to some insistently broadcasted promos, where a blonde girl invited you to participate in the “Princess of Beauty” contest, my mother had her way and convinced me to enlist in the competition. I had never participated in any contest of the kind at that time, not even in a high school beauty contest, and I would have never done it if it hadn’t been for my mother’s insistences.
 Besides my mother and a good friend, Oana Manu, who gave me the fabric for the dress, nobody knew anything about it! It seems that my mother had a good intuition because I won the title, to her joy, my astonishment and the surprise of all those who found out that I participated in that competition. I was so happy that I could not sleep all night.
 After that I had many sleepless nights because I was angry on the organizers. They only gave me the prize (a Dacia 1300) one year later and after several tries, discussions and even threats that I would sue them. This happened again with the second prize, a trip to London, where I finally arrived also only after one year.

Another TV show produced by Ovidiu Dumitru that I hosted, together with Razvan Popa, was called “Three Out of Ten for a Show” and was filmed at the sea side. Among others, Liliana and Manuela Fedorca participated in that show.

  I also hosted the 1992 and 1994 editions of the Golden Stag Festival. I auditioned for the first edition and in 1994, I had just returned from Germany for a visit and I was invited to host the Festival. I was very nervous and I was successful (even if in the beginning I put my foot in it, thing that made me feel so ashamed), I met worldwide personalities … in short, it was nice.

  While I was a student I played in movies, student movies, I hosted TV shows, fashion shows and other shows, I was in love and considered myself to be very lucky.

 Ten years after graduation, I met with all my former colleagues, almost the complete formation as on the first day at the Academy, except Dan Zamfirescu and Ionel Glont who did not come. We were young, beautiful and talented, but unfortunately, a sacrificed generation.
 As opposed to the high school, with some exceptions the academy years were very disappointing and frustrating for me from the beginning to the end. I even wanted to repeat the second year in order to escape the terror of one teacher (she terrorized me especially and in that period I ended up weighing only 64 kilos). But the revolution came and to our relief, and especially mine, she was replaced. Even so, I graduated with the same bad taste in my mouth as when I entered. Maybe I will tell that story another time. The truth is that this is the reason why I pulled away from theatre. But, who knows, maybe one day I will somehow rediscover the joy of playing on stage?!?!!!…

  992 was a very eventful year. I graduated (with “Romeo and Juliet”), I hosted the Golden Stag, I got married, I went on a honey moon, then I returned in the country for a movie where I received the leading role, but which I had to give up due to a rash on the face which appeared after a cosmetic treatment! And I left the country, to the astonishment of those who did not understand how I could leave when I was riding the high horses. But what could I do… I was blindly in love. I got back my sight later on…
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