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BMSingle and looking for fulfillment
Interview by Laura Luca

Strikingly beautiful, Bianca Brad is one of those celebrities who enjoy constant popularity. She's been away from the country for several years, but her return has been successful. The people haven't forgotten her. All that she misses now is a proper partner, the ideal man, whom Bianca is waiting for patiently.

-You've been lately seen at all glamorous events. All alone, as in a permanent search...
Yes, why not, in fact it's not a crime and I'd rather come along by myself than with lots of men just to show up...fter I and my husband separated, I've had a relationship just because I was afraid of loneliness. It's been a long-term relationship, but it started faulty. Now I don't want to rush up the things, although it's not easy. Sometimes I enjoy freedom and independence, I like being alone, but I sometimes miss that person to stay by me and understand me...

-So you've had one year of loneliness. How have you used or enjoyed it?
I'd lie when denying the moment when I was crying, when I felt alone, especially on holidays. Yet I've had more time for myself, I've become stronger. I've surpassed lots of problems, all by myself and without having that support needed from the other one. I think that a man needs a woman and conversely, to complement each other. They must be equal.

-You're ready to receive love, but not rushing...
I'm ready, indeed. They issued lots of rumors, all kind of speculations...hose who know me do know me how I am and what I do; those who don't know me, let them believe or not everything. It's just because I involve too much in a relationship, I cannot afford an apparent relationship. I do protect myself. I'm waiting until I'll find someone whom I think he may be of a long-term relationship. Although I know that nobody provides guarantees, everything can only be found out in time and depends on both.

-You've been Miss Beauty Princess, acted in movies, used to have a TV show, and been on the wave, as they say. Afterwards, the big love, you got married and left for Germany. Wasn't it difficult to give up everything?
I've always felt alone there, although I managed to have a lot of friends. Even so, as an actress, I think I've made it in Germany. I took an intensive course in German and, in less than one year after my arrival there, I had the first roles. I acted in several TV series, broadcasted on their most important channels, and in a German-American production, together with Denis Hopper. But it's always been small roles, for outsiders, because the Germans protect their actors very much.

-Have you been a star?
Not exactly a star. There was a group of fans, who used to write me, and I even appeared in some German magazines. But my popularity was far from that I had in Romania. I admit, I'm very sentimentalist and partially this is why I decided to come back home, after six years. The satisfactions I'm getting from the simple people in the street, who stop me to thank me or congratulate me for my appearances on the TV, this supports me emotionally a lot and I forget any problem that I have.

-Should we understand that you missed this in Germany...
You know when I was realizing that I missed it? When coming in Romania. It once happened to drive to Romania, get to the border at two o'clock in the night, all tired, without make-up, and even be asked for autographs. Or in some remote villages, where people recognized and approached me excitedly.

-How come that you didn't realize that by leaving you'll become an anonymous?
I used to be very young and in love. I thought love conquers all, and it's been so for a period, till the relationship ceased to function. Then, I got the big help from my family and from those who hadn't forgotten me. I took courage and decided to come back to Romania to start all over again.

-Your ex is a dentist. I wonder about a relationship between a star and someone who's completely anonymous...
Sometimes it's difficult to accept the other's glamour...hen both are working in the same field, I think the chances to understand the pressures on the other and the need to provide emotional help are bigger. It's absolutely necessary to have besides you a partner opened and with lot of understanding. Eventually, it doesn't matter what's his profession, but it's more important to understand and accept my profession. And my former husband understood me pretty well. I'm always exposed to the public and, inevitably, to all kind of gossips. This is why I need somebody who trusts me, as I need a place to come to, to be held in the arms and feel protected.

-Have you enjoyed such things?
I thought I found this for a while, and afterwards I found the opposite. Although it happened one year ago, I may say that I suffered and I hardly managed to go through this disappointment. Yet I think I'm ready now for a new relationship.

-How should it be?
ANow I'm looking for a strong and intelligent man with a lot of humor. In a tensed situation, humor may change the discussion thread to the right direction. He must be generous. I hate pettiness or egoism. And men are suspected of silly pride. They sometimes struggle to prove they're right, without accepting the fact that the partner may be right. He must be tender. My father used to be distant and cold toward me. Maybe this thing made me suffer. I loved a lot those moments when he held me in his arms and danced. I need to feel protected, some more than the other women, because I belong to a world where hits are more...

-You said you came back to Romania for a new beginning. To what extend have you managed to reoccupy the place you used to have?
ITo a little extent and this really hurts me. The show I'm presenting now, Auto Mondial TV on OTV, I like it very much because it's about cars and I like driving and I like cars. But it's quite far from my potential.

-What would you like to do next?
I consider myself an actress and my dream is to get fulfilled as an actress. Should they come up with a role right now, I'd take the challenge although I'm a lit bit afraid. I haven't played for a while, but I'm sure that a good director, who would inspire me trustworthiness, would be able to make me come back into this world. I'm sighing when reading “model Bianca Brad”, although, at a second thought, it's pretty difficult to define my profession as I did a lot. Let's say I'm more a television man and I'd like to do the television, as I used to do before leaving for Germany. I'd like to present, to sing and to dance in an entertainment show. I know it would be of success, especially as we don't have such a show.

-So you see yourself in the spotlight...
Yes. I really love the camera and I think it loves me too. What I feel when a camera is pointing to me is absolutely indescribable. It gives be a lot of well-being. Of course, when it's live, emotions come up too, but this really fascinates me. It's like a drug. I think the success that I had, before and after Germany, is also due to those I worked with. I'm convinced that I succeeded to transmit them my feelings. Had I not done acting, I'd be working in a field where dealing with people. I simply love people.

-When have you felt the taste of celebrity for the first time?
I think it was the launch of film Zambet de soare, where I had my first principal role. The director presented me as a Romanian Brigitte Bardot...'ll never forget that, and it's also then when I started giving autographs. The people still didn't know my name and called me Zambet de soare (smiling sunshine)... think it's then when I start feeling what being liked by the public means. The fact that people whom I don't know make me compliments and congratulate me gives me power to go on. I have a style that is appreciated by certain people. You just cannot please everybody.

-I imagine that it's not only advantages that you get. Do you feel also exposed?
Obviously, the advantage you get as a star is that you get some doors opened more easily, you get only smiles when entering somewhere, but there's also another side. You may meet persons who dislike you, or you may face unpleasant situations. I also faced wickedness, especially coming from women. When I'm somewhere, I know I'm being screened from the top to the toes: what shoes does she wear, what brand, she got fat, her hair is alright, her ring is bla-bla-bla, etc. I do know this.

-Yet you frequently participate in events. Is it pleasure or pure obligation?
I'd lie if saying I don't like it. It's both. For instance, this year, although I need to go out to a club, I didn't do it because I'm single. From the professional point of view, it's good for me, because there are no personal impresarios in Romania. So I must track all my interests by myself, conclude new contracts, participate in events just to be seen. Big companies advertise through media channels. For me, participating in these events is a form of publicity. I also like it, because I'm socializing, and it's quite pleasant when it's one event a week. As long as I'm pleased, I'm wanted there, I do exist for them and I represent something.

-Do you make efforts to look good?
Not necessarily, as I liked to be different from those around since I was a child. I didn't buy my cloths from Eva and I hated those dresses you could see on another ten women. I liked to advise my friends about dressing, about hair-styling, etc. Now, while in the spotlight, I know I must have a certain attitude that comes from inside. I like looking good, yet I refuse joining those who say that everything on you must be branded. This bothers me a little, because my value does not lie in my glasses or in my cloth labels. I'm trying to adapt myself, but I'm not a fashion victim. I'm just taking some “accents” from a trend and adapt them to my personal style.

-Do you spend much?
In waves, especially because I buy quite rarely from here. For six years, while living in Germany, I discovered some shops of my taste. There are some in Düsseldorf, where I'm going just to the target. Here in Romania, I'm going through the shops mainly when looking for presents.

-Where have you liked more to do shopping?
At Harrod's, in London, at the shoes department. Real madness. You don't know where to look first. It's a tragedy for a show-loving woman. You either have an unlimited credit card, or have a developed spirit of responsibility. Harrod's is heaven on earth when coming to shoes. I liked the clothing in New York. You should go there with your suitcases empty otherwise you don't have a chance. I realized that while being there for studies, for four months. There is a shop on Wall Street, where they're selling everything they took out from the branded shops to make room for the new collections. And in Paris you must leave the item aside in order to live the magic of the place. When you come in a boutique on Champs Elysee, where everything smells fine, there is a warm and pleasant air, and those ladies treat you like a VIP, no matter who you are, this all overwhelms you.

-Do you have a preferred Romanian designer?
I'm cooperating now with Karotte, for the TV program I'm working for. Luiza Dragomir, the designer of this house, is listening to my wishes and is very opened. Every place where I've been (TVR, Tele 7abc, etc.), I influenced the programs that I made. As well, in the program I'm making now, I avoid classical presentation from the viewpoint of both the clothing and the show itself. This is why I'm dressing sporty, although it's a program about cars. I'm a woman presenting cars to men, so I must be sexy. Men like beautiful women associated with powerful engines, and this is just I'm trying to do, without being vulgar.

-What' vulgar for you?
CI think vulgarity comes from inside and can be read on someone's face. You may be dressed and arranged in whatever style, but if you're vulgar, this comes to the surface from your gesture, attitude, standing, looks, etc. I think a woman must have a touch of mystery; give little to the sight and let room for imagination. Man is attracted by the need to discover. Give him all and you'll be obsolete. They proposed me three times to pose for Playboy, and I refused just for this reason. He who thinks I'm beautiful also likes me dressed up. Maybe I'd do it in Germany, but not in Romania, where mentality hasn't reached so far. Maybe in ten years, if still looking good.

-Even if not all your wishes came true, you always manage to be a glamorous appearance in any place. What's your secret?
I'm not doing anything particular; I just learned to think positively. Every night I go to bed thinking that everything's going to be alright, and I also wake up in this mood. In fact, I've always been a happy spirit, even if I'm not a master of optimism. Furthermore, I've benefited a lot from the motivational literature that I discovered in Germany. It helped me calm down and readapt when I came back in Romania.