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unica- Aug. 2000 -

We are 70% water
by Bianca Brad

“Unica” advises you:
Water’s a spring of beauty.
It hydrates your skin,
It removes your toxin,
Less you eat, if more you drink.

Water is the source of life. Without water we can’t live. Water means health and beauty. By drinking water, we clean the body of toxins and the skin gets a cleaner and brighter look. Drinking water makes us feel full and we don’t eat so much! Moreover, anytime we are hungry, we are, in fact, thirsty and then when we feel thirsty, it means that the body needs water, because it is going to dehydrate! Did you know that about 70% of the body weight of an adult is water and that only by breathing we lose about 300 ml of water a day? Generally, people don’t think much about the importance of drinking liquids. The most mistakes we do regarding the drinking of liquids are the following:

- We drink too little water (if you cannot drink natural water, add a slice of lemon or orange);

- We drink too many sweetened drinks;

- We drink too cold liquids, during hot days or after sport exercises;

- We drink irregularly;

- We drink during meals, and dilute the gastric juice, which makes digestion more difficult.

Dehydrating can cause a chain of negative reactions for the body. Thus, if we drink too little liquids, blood becomes thicker, and for the heart it means a supplementary effort to transport blood through vessels, causing the rise of blood pressure, also damaging the function of the brain, of the kidneys, and the aging process of the skin is hastened. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least one liter and a half of water daily, not only for hydration, but also for ensuring of the main substances necessary for the well functioning of the body. For instance, potassium regulates the balance of the liquid in the body and the circulation of blood and lymph; magnesium is the main “food” of the nervous system; iodine plays an important part in the functioning of the thyroid gland, etc.

Besides water drinking, it is necessary a “treatment” for an external hydration, such as showers and baths. It important to know:

- Have a shower always before having a bath, not to allow bacteria and impurities to spread;

- If water is too hot, it will have a rather stimulant effect than a relaxing one; it may even have a dehydrating and thinning effect and in addition, it may affect the capillary vessels;

- If water is too cold or too hot, it will “get tired” the blood vessels and enlarge the capillary vessels; the maximum recommended temperature is 36°C;

- Water at 38°C increases the activity of the sudoriferous glands and it is ideal when you want to get rid of cold. Don’t stay more than 10 minutes in hot water and don’t do it if you have heart problems or high blood pressure;

- Water between 18°C and 21°C is ideal to get rid of tiredness, in case of bad blood circulation, ideal to tone up the muscles and ideal in case of constipation;

- Don’t stay in the tub more than 20 minutes, otherwise skin will get dry (!!!) and you will lose energy;

- Always wait for at least 40 minutes after you have eaten and then have a bath;

- Avoid having more than two showers a day, otherwise skin will lose the essential minerals;

- If water is too hard, add about half cup of baking soda in the tub.

If we also add in water certain plants or substances with therapeutically qualities, a simple bath can have a double effect, such as:

- Valerian drops – in case of stomach cramps, distension;

- Stinging nettles – refresh the body and activate the blood circulation;

- Black berries – make the skin smooth and clean it profoundly;

- Eucalyptus oil – is good against cold, respiratory problems and in case of bad blood circulation;

- Chamomile – calms down cramps, activates the blood circulation, it is good for rheumatism, cold and stomach aches;

- Lime – is sedative, good for cold and sleeplessness;

- Mint – is refreshing during summer.

The baths which contain sea salts can correct the lack of balance in the organism. Because these salts are part of our organism, they are “recognized” immediately, are absorbed and are used; the small quantities that come into our organism through the pores of the skin activate the skin and the body in a therapeutically way.

Well, there are many, many other things to be said about the brightness and cleanliness of the skin… but this in another article, because our space has shrank in the “water”!