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unica- Apr. 2000 -

Spring cleaning
by Bianca Brad

Spring is my favorite season. It’s the season that gives me power, energy, through its freshness and colors. In spring I’m more optimistic and full of joy. And also in spring I feel more beautiful and charming. Of course, I’d like to have my skin “renewed” at once, like the nature, but this is impossible and I must use special methods to keep the pace with this “rebirth” process. To this end, I’m doing the “spring cleaning” – this is how I call the skin cleaning treatments for this season.

In the cold season the skin gets dry, dehydrates and the blood vessels become more visible. The accumulation of dead cells, sebum and dust make the skin look “dark” and lifeless. The profound skin cleaning is a must and nothing is more efficient than peeling and cleaning masks. Their use is a cosmetic process that helps maintaining a fresh skin and also preventing early ageing. The masks efficiency lies in improving the blood circulation and removal of toxins, and the result is a fresh and bright skin.

Before applying the mask, you must cleanse the skin by using a skin cleanser after having previously taken a steam bath. If you have a dry and sensitive skin, apply the mask once a week or even two weeks, according to your skin’s reaction. For the oily skin, apply the mask two or three times a week, and for the normal skin, once a week. Yet the profound cleansing masks are to be applied once a month. Here are several peeling methods, very simple and at hand.

- Take one or two sugar teaspoons (unrefined, ideally), add several olive oil drops and massage the face

- Gently rub the face with sea salt

- Mix oat powder with water or olive oil till you get a paste with which you gently rub the face

- Mix the oat powder, this time with two honey teaspoons and a quarter of lemon lime teaspoon

For peeling, gently rub the face and avoid scratching the skin. If you have broken vessels or a very sensitive skin, avoid these areas. The following masks are easy to prepare:

- Mix a water teaspoon with a honey teaspoon and two powder teaspoons. Apply on the face for 5-7 minutes.

- Mix 170 grams of oat powder with 3 olive oil drops, 240 ml of milk and an egg yolk. Rinse after 20 minutes.

- Mix a clay spoon with a little water – it’s ideal for purifying the skin

- Boil lemon lime with sugar, leave to cold down and apply on the face. The mask will be removed with the dead cells and you’ll get a very fine skin.

- For the oily skin, prepare a tomato mixture and apply for 15-20 minutes

- Don’t forget the classic cleansing mask: 2 bran (or sorghum) teaspoons mixed with an egg yolk.

Besides cleansing the skin, you must reinvigorate it. There are also some masks easy to prepare:

- I’ll start with a little strange, but efficient combination: mix 60 ml vodka with the lime of a whole lemon. Dip a cotton swab into this cocktail and gently apply on the face, without rubbing. You don’t need to wash.

- Leave some beans or lentils soak over night. Ten prepare a mixture and mix a little honey and apply on face and neck. Wash with lukewarm water after 5 minutes.

- Mix a ripped banana with a lemon teaspoon and 20 lemon lime drops.

- Mix fine carrot with a honey teaspoon and a feathering teaspoon.

- Mix fresh lemon lime with carrot and cucumber juice.

After having removed the mask, use tonic lotion and eventually apply the cream suitable for your skin.

Besides peeling and masks, you must pay attention to food, which must be rich in vitamins. Again I invite you to eat more often fruit and vegetables instead of meat and sweets. The body needs now purification and you can achieve this by eating nettles, as they are an excellent depurative. As well, you may boil fresh nettle leaves and then drink that water all day long. Don’t put it into the fridge, but drink it at the ambient temperature.
Good luck!