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unica- Sep. 1999 -

by Bianca Brad

You keep wondering which are the best, the most effective, and if possible, the most reasonably priced face creams. Of course, there is a huge offer for all types of complexion and for all budgets, but this is not what I intend to speak about today. Today I will speak about fruit. What’s the connection between fruit and cosmetics? I presume you know. What I don’t know, is how much you believe in the real benefits fruit have related to obtaining a clean complexion and an excellent tonus. Have a fruit cure (this doesn’t mean that you should eat only fruit!). Drink fruit juice daily, eat fruit as such, wipe your face with them and I promise you will feel and look better and you will definitely be healthier. In a few weeks your skin will be more beautiful, your hair will shine and you will be more energetic in your day-to-day life. Due to their high content of vitamins, minerals and ballast substances and the low fat percentage (fruit contain 80-90% water), therefore few calories, fruit can be counted among the so called “beauty secrets”. They are ideal not only for skin and hair, but also for maintaining your figure. The starving sensation appears when the level of glucose drops under 80 ml, the results being headaches, aggressiveness and an appetite for sweets. A lot of people have sweets in such cases, which leads to a sudden rise of the insulin level and to a rapid drop of the blood sugar level. But the hunger will come back just as rapidly, and so on. In such instances, you should ideally eat fresh fruit, which, besides the fact that they boost the energy (due to their glucose, fructose and saccharose content), that they contain vitamins and minerals and that they have a low sugar content, they also help avoid the instant rise of the blood sugar level. And if besides drinking fresh fruit juice or eating fresh fruit you also apply them on your face, you will look incredibly good. Let’s see now which fruit are good for what and let’s talk about some recipes that I recommend from the bottom of my heart.

-Apples (not Adam’s!!!)

If 30 types of apple were known during the Romans’ times, 1400 types are known today. They are rich in potassium (good against cellulite) and phosphorus, they help cleansing the kidneys and controlling digestion. They contain carotin and magnesium (lowers blood pressure and destroys viruses), vitamin C and pectin, which lowers the cholesterol level and regulates bowel activity. Apple vinegar is used in traditional folk medicine for treating throat aches. A solution of one teaspoon of vinegar for one glass of water is used to gargle and swallow every hour. This treatment will relieve a sore throat in 24 hours. Additionally, the apple helps preserve the appropriate level of blood sugar and helps keeping hunger at bay. For the treatment of acne and eczema, boil an apple in milk and apply compresses on the face. Wipe your face with a slice of apple or grate an apple, put it in a piece of gauze, press and wipe your face with the juice. Your complexion will be much smoother. Don’t forget: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


There are approximately 40-60 types of grapes. Its high potassium and iron content makes grapes good for the kidneys, heart and liver. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. It also prevents cancer and in cosmetics it is good for dry skin, with dilated pores. One can use the juice obtained by crushing the grapes alone or the juice of 10 grape grains mixed with a tablespoon of cream and a tablespoon of wheat starch.

-Watermelons and Melons

Are excellent against kidney problems. They contain vitamin C, provitamin A, potassium and zinc. The watermelon skin juice is an excellent refreshing drink. Melons are recommended for dry, dehydrated skin.


Due to their rich potassium and magnesium content, they are good for the muscular system, for regulating blood pressure and the level of water in the body. They are rich in carbon hydrates and they produce glucose, which is an important energy supplier for the brain. Eat bananas when your power of concentration diminishes. They have a tonic and emollient effect on dry and wrinkled skin. Mix the flesh of one ripe banana with a teaspoon of honey and 20 drops of lemon juice.


Orange juice is rich in vitamins C and B, in zinc, potassium and phosphorus, which help fight colds and heart diseases. When squeezing the orange don’t throw away the white inner skin. It contains nutrients with a tonic effect on the normal and dry skin.


They play an important role in cleansing the body and eliminating the toxins. For dry skin, mix ½ teaspoon of lemon juice with an egg yolk and a teaspoon of oil. For an oily skin, mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with an egg yolk. For a smooth skin, gently massage your face with a lemon half. After a few minutes rinse with warm water. For open pores mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of milk and 300 g of yeast. To lighten the hair and make it shiny, squeeze two lemons and massage the hair roots with the juice. Then comb, wait 20 minutes and rinse. Generally, any fruit are healthy and good for diets, detoxifying and beauty cures. Every time you are at home and have the time, take off your makeup and wipe your face with the fruit you have at hand, or even crush them, mix them with cream or milk skin and apply on your face and cleavage.

Take advantage of the season fruit and you will be just like them: beautiful and fresh!
Bon appetite, good luck and all the best.

Delicious and healthy fruit
Always help you to keep looking good
Apply them on your skin
Or let them work from within
Mix your magic potions so fine
That will take your directly to cloud no. 9
Summer offers its fruit to you
And “Unica” knows all their values are true.