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A Velvet-Like Skin
by Bianca Brad

Summer, sun and heat, summer dresses, longer, shorter. It is the time and the season when legs are more visible than ever. And more than ever we need to take care so that they look very good. I will leave exercise and massage, and I will refer only to hair removal methods this time. There are women (and even men) that don’t consider body hair repelling. I will not comment on that, but I think in this cases it is necessary to at least bleach the hair using a solution of oxygenated water and ammonium, or a paste made of peroxide (2 tablespoons) ammonium (one tablespoon) and talcum (or flour), or a mixture of 50 g peroxide, 50 g water and one tablespoon of wheat flour. But let’s talk about the classic hair removal methods: shaving, creams, waxing or electrical hair removal. The quickest and absolutely painless method (in case you don’t cut yourself) is shaving. If you use classic or electric razors, the movement should be against the hair growth direction. If you choose an electric machine the skin should be dry. In case you use the blade, don’t “plough” without having applied a shaving foam or cream first (to the delight of your partner). Never use your partner’s cream or blade! Shaving creams for women are better. They contain aloe and glycerin, because the leg skin is usually very dry. For a better result, rinse the blade after each stripe. With this method the hair grows back in 2-3 days and they are harsh. This is why it is recommended for the underarm and leg hair – in case you are allergic to other methods. Another painless method is that involving special creams or foams. The foam or cream is sprayed or spread with a spatula, left on for 5-10 minutes, then removed with water or with the spatula. The hair grows back in about 2 weeks. The advantage is that hair does not grow so harsh as after shaving.

Electric hair removal has a more lasting effect (about 3 weeks), the hair grows thinner and smoother. It is true that this is a more painful method, but the new machines, due to the advanced technique, reduce the pain to a minimum. Before starting this operation clean the skin with a mixture of water and alcohol, so the hair will be easier to remove. Also, in order to reduce the pain, if the hairs are too long, cut them before using the machine.

The most efficient, but also the most painful method is waxing. The wax can be cold or warm, but the principle is the same. First of all, the skin must be dry (you can even dust it with powder). The wax is applied in strips which are then pulled in the opposite hair growth direction. If you can handle the pain, this is the ideal method: the hair grows back after 4-5 weeks and they are smoother and thinner, but, as they say, one suffers for the sake of beauty.

The legs, armpits, arms and bikini line are the classic areas exposed to “torture”. Yet, sometimes one needs to remove facial hair. If we’re talking about a few hairs, they can be bleached, but when the amount of hair is embarrassing, special electric machines should be used (for instance Braun Silkepil). In order to reduce the pain, use your fingers to stretch the part you remove the hair from. The alternative is cold or warm waxing, but never shaving. Leave that to men!

The chest hair may have endocrine causes, therefore, before starting any treatment, ask a specialist doctor to determine the exact cause and to recommend an appropriate treatment.

If you use one of the painful methods, avoid the periods before or after your periods, because during these days the body is very sensitive to pain. Irrespective of the method used, the skin will be sensitive after the operation, therefore, it is recommended that the hair is removed in the evening in order to give the skin the chance to relax. After removing the excess hair, apply a hydrating lotion on the respective area (this should not be oily). According to the spot you intend to “attack”, the time you have at your disposal, your mood and sensitivity, choose the right method for you and using it successfully you will have a smooth and velvety skin.

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