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How do we get rid of the clogged pores
by Bianca Brad

Every woman wishes to look good, even very good, and the importance of the complexion for the general appearance is well known. In other words, a clean, shiny, perfect skin, with no wrinkles, stains, dilated veins or impurities on it. There are methods to prevent or control these problems, you only need discipline and determination. If there are no immediate solutions against wrinkles, stains or dilated veins, this is not the case for impurities, which you can remove yourselves, without having to use professional services. On the list of impurities, a great number of black points are awarded to the clogged pores. Did you know that clogged pores, also known as comedoms, represent a form of acne? They are caused by multiple combination of factors. These can be hereditary, endocrine, digestive and dietary, neuro-psychic, chemical or climatic factors. The truth is that in order to be able to remove them more easily it would be useful to know why they appear in the first place, in order to apply the most appropriate treatment. If heredity is hard to control, you have absolute power over the food factor. This means that you should make sure you get a lot of vitamins by eating green vegetables and fruit and less fat, sweets, spices and alcohol (this is how you get two birds with one stone: a perfect figure and perfect skin). External care is very important and, in order to have a good result, before applying face creams and masks you should know exactly what type your skin is. Generally, oily skin is more prone to clogged pores, but this does not mean that dry skin is excepted. Clogged pores are plugs made of sebum and hard cells. The black end of the comedom’s end (which gives the characteristic look) is due to the air oxidation of the composing materials. They are generally located in areas with abundant secretion: the sides of the nose, the chin and forehead, and, in fewer cases on the cheek bones, all over the face and on the back. Because they can turn into pimples, clogged pores should not be left to evolve. They should be squeezed out once every 2-3 weeks, either by a cosmetician or by you. They should be removed only after taking some aseptic precautions, in order to avoid infecting the face, before, as well as after the operation..

Here are some recipes for cleansing masks:

- Mix 2 teaspoon of corn flour with an egg white, apply on the face, leave to dry, then rub skin with a sterile piece of gauze or a fine dry piece of cloth. Rinse with warm water;

- Mix 2 teaspoons of bran with 2 teaspoons of corn sprouts oil and a teaspoon of mallow infusion;

- Mix 2 teaspoon of bran with corn flour and add a pinch of borax.

Don’t forget, masks have the effect of closing pores, so, even if you don’t have the time for a steam bath, clean the skin before applying the mask. Otherwise you will get the opposite result (the pores close over the impurities favouring clogging). There are masks and peelings you can buy in stores if you don’t have the time to make them yourselves. A new product meant to rapidly remove clogged pores has been released on the market recently. I’m talking about Pond’s Clear Pore Strips which contain a special ingredient which, combined with water draws out impurities. The strips should be applied on the nose and removed after 15 minutes. After removing the strip the pores are clear and diminished. We really live in the speed century! This is about all! Take care and be beautiful!

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